Accommodations FAQs

  1. What accommodation options are there in Nevis?
    There are accommodations in Nevis for every budget, every family size and every length of stay. Nevis offers full-featured resorts, hotels, villas, vacation rentals, guesthouses and apartments.
  2. Where should I stay in Nevis?
    Accommodations are available in almost every location on the island.  The Four Seasons Resort, Nisbett Plantation Beach Club, Nelson Spring Beach Resort and Oualie Beach Hotel are all located on the beach towards the leeward side of the island. Also located on this side is the Mount Nevis Hotel, although it is a few minutes from the ocean. This side of the island tends to be a bit more tourist centric and hosts many of the islands restaurants. Hotels such as Montpelier Hotel, Hermitage Hotel and Golden Rock Inn are located more in the countryside and are closer to nature trails. Villas, guesthouse and apartments are dispersed across the island, some closer to the beach and some in higher elevation throughout the island. Most accommodations that are closer to the sea tend to be a bit more pricey than those on the outskirts. You would have to decide which location suits your budget when selecting accommodations.  Nevis is small in size so no location is ever too far away for the beach.
  3. Are Nevis accommodations equipped for the physically challenged?
    Most resort and hotels are equipped for the physically challenged.  In general hotels have ground floor rooms with doors wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs and most of them have wheelchairs and canes available. Some villas, apartments and guesthouse may be equipped but it is always best to contact your accommodations to ensure that this available.
  4. Where can I find reviews of Nevis hotels and resorts?
    You can find reviews of Nevis hotels and resorts on each hotel’s respective Trip Advisor profile.
  5. Is there service charge, government tax and gratuity?
    Yes. Value Added Tax (VAT) is at 17%, A 10% service charge is normally included in hotel bills. Inquire with your choice of accommodations about further service charges or fees.
  6. I’m a student: where can I find more affordable accommodations?
    Students should consider an apartment or guesthouse rather than a hotel. The apartments in general are cheaper than hotel rooms and it will be very difficult to get anything cheaper than these – especially in high season. Nevis high season is between December 15th and April 14th and the low season is from April 15th to December 14th.
  7. Is wireless internet access available at these accommodations?
    Wireless internet connection is available at all hotels but you must check with individual owners at Villas and Guest houses. Wireless may be included for an additional fee.
  8. Where can I find information about real estate in Nevis?
    Please visit our Nevis  Real Estate page. There you can find a searchable database of houses, villas, apartments , land and commercial properties for sale or for rent.