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The Bath volcanic hot spring still has a good flow rate all year round, and it turns into the Bath Stream, a small warm stream, which runs downhill into the south end of the nearby bay, Gallows Bay, which itself is located at the southern end of Charlestown, the capital of Nevis.

As a visitor, it is still possible to treat your various aches and pains by immersing your body (or feet or whatever) in the hot volcanic waters of the Bath Spring, a beneficial spa that is free of charge, as long as you are comfortable with an outdoor bathing place. There are currently two bathing spots: the more recently constructed one has a good roof to protect you against the sun, and is designed like a tiny swimming pool with steps on one side and a railing on the other three. If you wish to immerse your body, you can wear a swimsuit if you like, or go in in your underwear if that is easier for you. The hot water is great for soaking in, but do not try to drink it, as it contains volcanic salts.

Within the compound of the Bath Hotel is the Spring House, a two story masonry structure which was constructed from local hand cut stones. This building sits on the bank of the Bath Stream. The facility comprises of five thermal baths whose source of water springs from the base of the house. The spring water is reputed to contain minerals of medicinal value and is known to have cured chronic rheumatism and gout. Its water temperature ranges from 104F to 108F hence the reason why the Spring House was used significantly by visitors and locals alike.

Unfortunately, due to damages from recent hurricanes and other natural elements, the Spring House is closed. A restoration committee headed by Mr. Ken Evelyn recently constructed an open outdoor pool for persons wishing to experience the healing powers of the water. The design allows water to filter in through layers of crushed stones through the bottom of the pool and overflow gradually through an overflow pipe down into the stream. This design maintains the water at the required temperature.



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