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Nevis Culturama Festival




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Each year, Nevisians celebrate their heritage during Culturama. It is Nevis’ answer to the diverse range of carnivals enjoyed on other Caribbean islands. Held annually in late July/early August, it celebrates Nevisians who have moved away and returned to party with their friends and family. It is a commemoration and festival enjoying the cultural traditions. There’s music every night, parties, food festivals, and concerts, culminating in the early march through downtown Charlestown.

Nevis’ Culturama has all that and much more for you. Celebrated over the Emancipation Day weekend, Culturama is a time when class barriers are broken down and people of all creed and class, locals and visitors alike, become culturally assimilated and socially united in seven days of fun, frolic, mas, revelry, splendor, history and creativity.

Calypso tents, village street jams, fashion shows, beach and house parties, swim suits contests, night dances, boat rides and dramatic presentations, all herald the build up to an action packed Emancipation Day weekend.

Two of the most important shows are the Calypso King competition and the Miss Culture Queen competition. The Miss Culture Queen competition is a display of intelligence, talent and beauty making it one of the largest attraction for the Culturama Festival. It is a contest that have produce some outstanding performances.

Not to be outdone, the Calypso King competition is usually the most anticipated show during the Culturama festival season where eight calypsonians use their gift of words and music to express in song the social reality of the local, regional and international community.



Varies per event


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