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Eden Brown Estate

Eden Brown


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Located in the countryside, about 30 minutes from Charlestown, the Eden Brown Estate was originally a sugar plantation, but cotton was grown there until the mid-1900’s. But the circa 1740 plantation, with a great house and other outbuildings has a history unlike many of the other plantations, and some believe it is haunted. A duel took place at the house in 1822, the night before the wedding of Julia Huggins, between her betrothed and the best man, who was her brother. A recent discovery of an old letter has shown that the bridegroom survived, and he went to propose to another woman. However, her father forbade her from marrying a “murderer.” As the story goes, Julia spent the rest of her days as a recluse in the house, and can still be heard today as she wanders through the ruins. Local residents claim they can feel the presence of “someone” whenever they go near the eerie old house with its shroud of weeds and wildflowers. Though memorable more for the story than the hike or ruins, it’s always open, and it’s free.

The house still commands spectacular views over the sea, and on a clear day Antigua and Montserrat can be seen from the Gallery.



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