General Facts About Nevis

About Nevis


Nevis is approximately 150 miles south east of the Virgin Islands and 50 miles south west of Antigua. Only 7 miles long and 5 miles wide, Nevis boasts a 3232’ dormant volcano in its center, an extensive tropical rain forest and hiking trails. The island is surrounded by beautiful sandy beaches and clear, warm Caribbean blue waters. The island is 36 square miles with a population of approximately 12,000. Charlestown is the capital.


Nevis is located at precisely 17.10N 62.35W on the Equator. The days average about 84 degrees F (81 degrees F in the water) and at nights the pleasant tropical termperatures hover around 73 degrees F. Humidity is low.  November to May are the driest months;rain averages 48 inches in Nevis.


English is the official language, but it is spoken with a distinct accent and West Indian dialects

nevis accommodationsAccommodation

Nevis offers a variety of luxury hotels and villas, apartments and guesthouses.   From relaxed self-catering apartments to restored, historic plantation inns, to an award-winning five-star resort. Click here for a listing of various accommodations on Nevis  to meet any budget.


Should you need banking services during your stay on Nevis you will have a choice of  Banks which are typically open Monday through Thursday 8:am – 2pm and Friday 8am – 3pm.   Each bank has an ATM facility(Cirrus and Plus Systems generally accepted). Bank of Nevis Bank of Nova Scotia Development Bank of St Kitts & Nevis First Caribbean International Bank Nevis Credit Union RBTT Royal Bank of Trinidad and Tobago St. Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla National Bank

Cable TV

About 70 stations are available, including pay movie stations (HBO, Cinemax, The Movie Channel and Disney) for about $70 US per month for full package. Different tiers are available. If you are staying at a hotel or local accommodation, these may be included.  Please inquire with your accomodations.

nevis churchesChurches

There are a number of different churches on Nevis. The predominant religion is the Christian faith.  Some popular denominations are Methodist, Anglican, Jehovah Witness, Seventh Day Adventist, Wesleyan, and Pentecostal. However, there are small Rastafarian, Orthodox and other communities.Worship services are primarily held on Sundays and Saturdays but some churches do meet during the week for prayer and bible services. All of the churches warmly welcome visitors.


Nevis has a modern telecommunications network.  Cable & Wireless (Lime) and Digicel are major telephone service providers in St. Kitts & Nevis.  Long distance calls can be placed from any local telephone. Cellular Phones work on the GSM Network. LIME also has 4G service.  Phone cards can be purchased from any of the service providers. Direct Dialing, Leased Circuits, Internet, Class Services, Voice Mail, Caller ID and other features are currently offered. ISDN and DSL services are also available.

Calling Nevis

The international dialing code for Nevis is 1.  Our area code is 869.  When calling a local number from a  phone in Nevis, it is not necessary to dial  the area code.

Credit Cards

All major credit cards are accepted in Nevis especially at hotels.  However some local establishments do not accept credit cards and you will have to rely on cash.  If you need to get some cash quickly, ATM machines are available for cards compatible with the Cirrus and Plus system. It might be best to ask your bank or credit card company to check whether you card will work in Nevis.


Nevis’ currency is the East Caribbean (EC) dollar and can be obtained at any bank.  Most stores and businesses accept  US dollars or travellers checks, but change will be given in E.C. Neither banks nor stores accept the US coins only paper bills. The exchange rate is fixed at US$1.00 = EC$2.70

nevis islandDrinking Water

Drinking water is pure and safe to drink, but if you are sensitive to food and water changes, you may prefer commercially bottled water. Bottled water is sold in stores, restaurants, and hotels. Boiling water is recommended when staying in homes that use cisterns for their water supply.


Most hotels and homes use 110 volts but 220 lines are sometimes available. Check with your accommodation to be sure.

Emergency Numbers

Dial 9-1-1. Police 469-5391 Alexandra Hospital 469-5473 Fire Services 469-3444   Alexandra Hospital is the only hospital on the island.  There are also medical clinics in each parish. Hotels have doctors on call and appointments can also be arranged through your hotel.

Internet Service

Internet and Wifi are available at all of the hotels on the island.  Other accommodations such as villas,vacation homes, apartments and guesthouse may have internet and wifi available. When booking your accommodations be sure to ask if wifi is available.  Broadband connections (DS< & Cable) are available from the the telephone and cable company. Internet Cafes are also available: Nevis Historical & Conservation Society Lime – Hunkin’s Plaza, Charlestown 469-5000 Nevis Public Library – Prince William Street, Charlestown 469-5521 Downtown Cybercafe- Main Street, Charlestown 469-1999

Tipping & Taxes

Service charge of 10% is generally included in restaurant bills, but it’s best to ask (and more is welcome, of course!). Hotels add 20% to their bills, including 10% service and 10% VAT. There is a 17% Value Added Tax for some but not all services and products.


Nevis  is quite a pet-friendly island. As such, we have put in place a set of protocols to facilitate those who would like to travel with their pets, specifically cats and dogs. These regulations serve to protect the interests of you, the pet’s owner, the destination and, indeed, the pets themselves. Please click here to download the form that must be completed in compliance with the necessary protocols. We look forward to seeing you and your pet exploring St. Kitts.

Post Office

The General Post Office, located in Charlestown, is open Monday – Friday 8:00 AM to 3:30 PM. Closed on Saturday and Sunday.

nevis tourist seasonSeasons – High & Low

Nevis high season falls between November and May while the low season is from August to September.  Hotels and local accomodations rates are significantly lower during the low season. Temperatures in December are pleasant, with only moderate humidity.


Most stores and local businesses typically open from 9am to 4pm, Monday thru Friday. Many businesses are also open on Saturday but it may be a few hours. It’s best to call these stores ahead of time to confirm store hours if you are trying to purchase something specific. Hotel stores have varying open hours so check at your hotel for these. Click here for a list of  Shopping locations Nevis

Special Needs Facilities

Limited facilities for disabled persons are available. Some hotels have rooms that can completely accommodate disabled people while others have more limited facilities with ground floor rooms and wider doors to enable use of wheelchairs.


The time in Nevis is Atlantic Standard Time. Daylight Saving Time is not observed.

What to Wear

Light summer clothing may be worn all year. Dress is informal, even at elegant hotels and plantation inns, though you may want to dress up a bit for a nice dinner. Nudity is not permitted at any beach. Swim wear or scant clothing should never be worn in towns or villages.