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The village possesses the panoramic views you would expect to find at the summit of Nevis Peak. At 1200 feet above sea level, your guided journey up will leaf you through fields of ferns and tropical rainforest. Visitors are able to experience the simplicity of past Nevisian life in unspoilt natural surroundings. The reconstructed thatched cottages provide overnight accommodation and to each guest, a personal breathtaking view of up to 3 neighboring islands, with a close-up view of mountains wildlife. The village also hosts a large picnic area, able to accommodate visitors to enjoy Caribbean cuisine and refreshments with the more modern convenience of a shower and a flush toilet. Visitors can choose to participate in activities, which include a trail following part of the route used by runaway slaves on their way to Maroon. They may want to join in discussion as they view the highest discovered ruins found on the island or witness the making of age old natural remedies. Alternatively visitors can retreat to the village for quality, rest and recuperation. No modern day distractions, just a time to experience simple peace. For reservations contact ; Mobile (869) 664 9628;
E-mail:  Website: www.herbertheights.com


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