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Horatio Nelson Museum

Belle Vue


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Located at Belle Vue, the Horatio Nelson Museum is a surprisingly rich museum of Nelson memorabilia; in fact this collection is considered to be the best in the New World.

As its names implies, this museum displays artifacts and memorabilia of the life and times of British Naval Admiral, Lord Horatio Nelson, who visited Nevis in the late 18th century. He had been based in nearby Antigua with the duty of enforcing the Navigation Acts following the Treaty of Versailles.

Nevis has a very strong connection historically with Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson, who lived from 1758 to 1805, and who had a brilliant career in the Royal Navy. His inspiring leadership, “The Nelson Touch”, and his strategic insights are considered to have been responsible for establishing British supremacy on the high seas.

Nelson’s love affair with Nevis was largely due to Fanny Nisbet, a widow he met at a dinner party on Nevis. The two fell instantly in love, and their nuptials are without a doubt the most famous wedding here to date.

The museum displays antique furniture, utensils, photos of Nevis, and other momentos of the island at the time of Nelson. It has what is said to be the largest collection of Nelson relics in the Western Hemisphere, called “Nevis in the time of Nelson.”

The late Robert Abrahams, a Philadelphia lawyer who had a home in Nevis, compiled the collection during his life and first displayed at his Nevis home. It includes miniatures of Nelson’s fleet, photos of Nevis, his wedding, and other information relative to Nelson’s life.

Mr. Abrahams donated the artifacts to the Nevis Historical and Conservation Society, a non-governmental body, which he believed was most capable of caring for the collection. The Society began construction of the Horatio Nelson Museum to house the collection in 1990.

On March 11, 1992, the museum opened in honour of Nelson, who is best known for his valiant command of the British fleet during the Battle of Trafalgar. The opening date was the wedding anniversary of Lord Nelson and Fanny Nisbet, and to this day the historical society hosts an anniversary tea each year in their honour.

Efforts to conserve those delicate artifacts have been well rewarded. They have fascinated thousands of visitors to Nevis, including Queen Elizabeth II and other members of the Royal family who have visited the island.

Adults: US $5.00 Children: US $2.00


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