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Windward Beach

Hanley's Road

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Windward Beach is a long, sand beach on the southeastern, or “windward”, coast of Nevis.

Windward means facing into the Trade Winds, tropical winds which blow almost all the time, and which keep Nevis at a pleasant temperature.

This is a wild beach, completely undeveloped, with no facilities. It seems unlikely that you could board surf here, but maybe you could body surf sometimes. Either way the water can be fun to go out in, as long as you really do know how to swim, and are comfortable in waves.

You get to this beach by following Hanley’s Road to the end, and then head down the dirt roads towards the Racetrack, and just keep going, past the old stables. You have to park near the bluff where the dirt road peters out, and then walk down a short distance to get to the sand.



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