Nevis Taxi Services

Taxis in Nevis are widely available. These taxis can be buses or vans and are easily identified by a yellow licence plates with a number begining with a "T" or "TA.

Nevis taxi drivers are some of the most knowledgeable and entertaining people on the island. Although taking a taxi can cost much more than public transportation or even renting your own vehicle, a complete tour in a luxurious taxi is certainly worth the cost. A full island tour can cost US$75.00 whereas a short 1-2 hour tour can cost US$30-50.

You can arrange for a taxi pickup from just about anywhere in Nevis by calling: 869-469-5631 or 869-469-5515. If you are at the airport in Newcastle, you can call the Newcastle taxi stand at 869-469-9790. You can also make arrangements to take a taxi in Nevis at your hotel.

It is important to remember that taxi fares vary depending on your destination and the time of day. Taxi rates starts at USD$8 for short distances up to US$30 fo longer distances. Click here for the current Nevis taxi fares. Please note that all fares are subject to change.

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