Michael Herbert’s Guided Tours

Rawlins Village, Gingerland

(869) 469-2501

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Michael Herbert, born and raised in Nevis and schooled in the local flora and fauna, leads nature walks, rain forest hikes, and teaches his hikers as they go. Herbert is well versed in age-old methods of bush medicine. He can point out the trees and flowers and describe how they were used (and are still used for medicinal purposes by many on the island). His walks include a hike to Nevis Peak for US$35 per person, which takes five hours; rainforest or Upper Round Road hike for three hours; bush medicine hike for two hours; and a village and monkey walk, lasting about two hours.

Michael Herbert, also know as the “bush doctor,” has a wealth of information about local bush remedies, and he’ll share them with you on his rain forest hikes. He’ll climb Nevis Peak, lead village walks and monkey observation walks.


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