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Price: US $25 per person

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Tour Operator: Sunrise Tours

Take a moderate hike into the rainforest in search of the Vervet monkey, locally called green monkeys.

These mischievous vegetarians have been with us since the seventeenth century. They have become a nuisance to the farmer but at the same time an attraction to the tourist. Learn about their eating habits and inherent nature.

No other animal can so invigorate your mind.

Hike in the rainforest in search of the Vervet Monkey

Minimum 2 people

Duration: 1 1/2 hours

Cost: US $25 per person . Children 4 and under free; Ages 5-8: 1/2 price; Ages 12 and above: full price Private Hike available f or $50 US per person. (Pricing subject to change)

Attire: Shorts (knee high), tennis shoes or trainers, back pack

Necessities: Camera, granola bar or power bar, apple or orange, water. Optional: Sun block, bug spray and hat

Hikes available upon request

Please note: Island Tour available on request (1-4 persons); US $80 for 3 hours; ea additional person US $20

US $25 per person


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