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You will hike through the grassy pastures above the quaint and quiet village of Mount Lily, noting the slight but welcomed drop in temperature as the elevation rises and the forest thickens. Then as you look down at your feet you will notice that you are no longer walking on a dirt mountain trail, but on an old cobbled road paved with local volcanic rock over two hundred years ago. Suddenly, without a doubt you have arrived! You are now in the historic estate village of Mount Pleasant. Look up, and around you… the beautiful, and majestic ruins surround you. Feel like a great explorer of the past discovering and exploring a distant land for the first time. To exit, the hike takes you through the jungle pass an abandoned banana farm and emerging back into civilization in Hog Valley. The views at this location are panaromic and rewarding.

Come hike with us… It’s a complete adventurous experience.


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