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Nevis Courthouse & Public Library

Memorial Square, Charlestown

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In the center of Charlestown on Memorial Square is a large stone building that houses the courts and the public library. Built in 1825, it was restored after a fire hit the town about 50 years later. The most notable part of the building is a clock tower that was added in the early 20th century. The building is often open for visitors during the day, and people can go in when court is in session but one must be dressed properly and clothes must not be sleeveless.

An attractive stone colonial building with white wooden shutters, dating back to 1825, with a clock tower added in 1875. It was built by a ship builder and the interior of the upstairs library looks like the inside of an upturned ship. Open to the public from 8am to 4pm, Mon-Fri.

Built in 1825, the Charlestown Courthouse is a large stone structure that welcomes visitors with its shutters that are kept open and used a legal bulletin boards.



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