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Nevisian Heritage Village

Fothergills, Gingerland



Price: Adults: EC$8.00 Children EC$2.50

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The Nevisian Heritage Village at Fothergills Estate, which was once a bustling sugar plantation and cotton ginning station is situated on the eastern side of the island, the village is nestled amid the lush evergreen vegetation on the lower slopes of the commanding Nevis Peak, a dormant volcano that makes a perfect backdrop.

This Heritage Village is administered by The Ministry of Tourism, largely depicts the evolution of Nevisian social history through housing. The houses, dating from the Carib Indian era, are replicas and are furnished with antiques and relics of their relevant periods. This includes the blacksmith’s shop, rum shop, and the shoe-maker’s shop, along with the dwelling houses. The Carib chief’s thatched hut includes actual relics such as weapons, calabash bowls, clay pots, and cassava squeezers. Wattle-and-daub structures reproduce slave quarters; implements on display include coal pots and sea fans (used as sieves). A post-emancipation gingerbread chattel house holds patchwork quilts and flour-bag dresses. There’s a typical sharecropper’s garden explaining herbal medicinal folklore and blacksmith’s shop.

To complete this traditional village setting are ‘backyard’ gardens, beautiful flower gardens and various species of indigenous plants and shrubs. Visit the village that is an embodiment of the Nevisian traditional way of life.



Adults: EC$8.00 Children EC$2.50


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