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New River Estate

New River



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New River Estate is on the Atlantic or eastern side of Nevis (the Caribbean is the western side of the island.) This estate was still processing sugar commercially until 1958, when it finally closed down, the last sugar mill to produce sugar commercially on Nevis.  New River, with its massive machinery, elegant chimney, ruined great house with volcanic stone colonnade and complete sugar boiling wall offers the visitor a glimpse of the days “when sugar was king”. It offers picturesque vistas of the Nevis coastline and Montserrat in the distance.

Many of the buildings of New River estate are still reasonably intact, at least compared with the much older ruins of plantation sugar mills and associated buildings which are readily visible in the landscape of Nevis, scattered all over the the island. In particular at New River there are the impressive remains of the huge steam engine (manufactured in 1883) which was used to crush the cane. This was a “modern’ improvement on the older system of windpower from windmills.



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