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Rodney’s Cuisine Restaurant

Stoney Grove

(869) 663 1644

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I cook from the earth,” says Rodney Elliott, an island woman who uses recipes handed down from generation to generation. She keeps her dining room spotless and has flamboyantly decorated it in bright red, yellow, and green. A religious woman, she uses placemats with the Lord’s Prayer (in both Spanish and English) printed on them. Actually a stew, her “goat water” is the best on island, with tender hunks of meat and breadfruit simmered in a rich smoky broth. The catch of the day is steamed and served with johnnycakes or mussa (a polenta-like side dish made with cassava meal). A plate of her “cook up” will get you chicken, saltfish, and peas and rice along with cold glasses of mauby, a ginger drink made from bark. Another specialty is “breadfruit cheesy,” a cross between a cheese soufflé and mashed breadfruit.

Mon-Sat 6:30am-8:30pm

Prices: Main courses EC$28-EC$45


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