Saddle Hill Fortress & Nelson’s Lookout

Saddle Hill

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One look and it becomes obvious how Saddle Hill got its name. It rests 1,250 feet above sea level, in the shape of a saddle. This mini rainforest is where British Naval Admiral Horatio Nelson kept watch for foreign intruders, and served as a strategic stronghold aiding in his success. In recent years, the fort atop the hill has been developed, and is accessible for hiking by contacting Michael Herbert, a local tour guide. The hike arouses a sense of adventure and is an exciting and picturesque outing for those seeking beauty and escapade. On a clear day, it is possible to see the neighboring isles of Montserrat, St. Eustacius and Antigua.

Saddle Hill is the southernmost of the three peaks of the island of Nevis in Saint Kitts and Nevis. It rises to a height of 375 metres.

Nelson’s Lookout is a Caribbean fort up on Saddle Hill, a large, saddle-shaped hill (one of several ancient volcanic cores) in the southern part of the island of Nevis. You will need a guide to lead you up to Nelson’s Lookout, because Saddle Hill Fort is overgrown with scrub, although many of the old stone walls are still visible.
This is the point from which Nelson reportedly used to check the ocean for ships coming from the south; he was watching for Spanish and French ships, which might have meant trouble, as well as for other British ships.

Back then, the old main road around the island, the “Lower Round Road”, used to follow the coastline of Nevis, even going around south of Saddle Hill, but that strip of land has partly been lost to marine erosion.



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