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Lynell  Liburd offer a variety of nature tours to somewhat unusual spots on the island. Catering to nature enthusiasts, the tours will allow you to get a sense of the Nevis landscape. One of these is ‘Devil’s Copper’ and the ‘New River Springs’, which offer interesting sites. He offers several hikes, one of them goes to the ‘Source’, which goes through the rain forest; another goes high, high, higher, all the way to the Mount Nevis Peak, 3,232 feet up, if you’re up for a rather strenuous trek.

Lynn was born in Maynard Ground and raised in Taylor’s Pasture & Rawlins. Lynn’s great grandfather, Samuel Liburd, Nevis’ last Mountain Ranger, would take the young lad on Sunday afternoon walks educating him to the history and diverse nature found on the island. It was these initial experiences that bred into Lynn a love of the island, history & ecological importance inherited by each one of us. He attended Gingerland Primary and High School as well as college in St. Kitts.

In 1984 he left to go North America and lived in various cities along the Eastern seaboard.

It was while in Puerto Rico that he was re-sensitized to the environmental aspects of the rainforest. He held various positions allowing him to return to Nevis and excel utilizing his past personal experiences in ecology, sales, P.R., diplomacy and adaptability.

Lynn continued the same generational teaching and has passed his lifetime of information to his son Kervin who now joins the family company imparting the same love of and sharing of knowledge so consistent with his father’s.

It is with these skills that he has been able to fashion Sunrise Tours into one of the premier hiking/tour companies on the island.


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