When To Travel To Nevis

Although the weather is almost always perfect on Nevis, there are some other factors to take into consideration when planning to visit the island.

About NevisWeather

Nevis has moderate climates year round. With temperatures hardly ever getting below 72°F at night and above 86°F during the day these two islands are a vacationer’s paradise at almost any day of the year. Even the average humidity level of 71% is not much of an issue, since cooling trade winds balance out the sticky heat.

Wet season in Nevis hits between May and October, which is also during the low time of tourism on the islands. Despite the constant promise of rain, this remains the hottest time of year as well, with highs reaching into the low to mid 90s during the day. Guests who visit during the high season, between December and April will find the temperatures to be just to their liking, typically hitting about 75°F each day, with little chance of rain.


Nevis is located in the Atlantic Hurricane Belt, so the threat of dramatic storms hitting between the beginning of June and the end of November can be a deterrent, but remember that advanced meteorological technology will warn you well in advance of any storm striking.

Nevis’ High Season

If you want to visit the island during the most popular seasons of travel, schedule your vacation during the winter months. December to February are generally the busiest times to vacation on Nevis, though the high season of tourism extends into April. Because tourism is at its peak during these months, flights and accommodation rates are usually higher than other times of the year, and they are harder to book. If you plan to travel during this time, it is wise to make reservations well in advance. Also, arrive with the knowledge that the usually quiet beaches may be a bit crowded, shops will be fuller, and island tours will be packed.

Nevis Low Season

Many would argue that the best time to vacation on Nevis is during the summer months, which coincides with the low season. From June to August, the beaches are usually less crowded and hotels and shops have generally more reasonable prices. Weather isn’t as pleasant during this time of year, but it is still paradisiacal. One major travel deterrent is that this time of year is a recovery period for the island. Many businesses use this time of year to make renovations, so you could wind up staying in a hotel that is half shut down due to reconstruction. A few shops and restaurants often close earlier during this season as well.

Events and Festivals

Nevis Culturama FestivalDuring low season, late July to early August, Nevis celebrates its annual festival call Culturama.  This is Nevis’ version of Carnival that commemorates enjoying the cultural traditions. There’s music every night, parties, food festivals, and concerts, culminating in a cultural parade and jovert through downtown Charlestown.  Tourist that wish to experience true Nevisian culture tend to visit at this time.  Many locals that live abroad tend to return during this time for the festivities.


St Kitts Nevis Carnival - Sugar MasSt Kitts Music FestivalNeighbouring island St Kitts also has two noteable events that tourist can experience while staying in Nevis.  One is the local Carnival held during late December to early January and the other is the annual St. Kitts & Nevis Music Festival held in late June.